I read.  A lot. Not as much as some do, but more than most. I truly believe that reading is the best way to expand your skills, broaden your knowledge, and expose yourself to new ideas and new information. Researchers say that as many as one-third of Americans never read another book after high school, and that a full 40% of college grads never read another book once they finish university. Viewed in that context, picking up a hardcover a couple of times a week seems like a pretty simple way to distinguish yourself from the pack.

This site serves as my reading list, along with a way for me to share my thoughts on those books with others. And in order to buy even more books, I include Amazon affiliate links with each review. If a book piques your interest because of one of these reviews, please purchase it through the appropriate affiliate link. From time to time, I may also post affiliate links to other items that I think might be helpful for my readers.

At this time, these books are all titles that I’ve researched, purchased on my own, read, and liked enough to write about them. Time is precious, which is why you won’t see a lot of reviews about terrible books on this site. If I don’t like something, I’m not about to waste more time by writing about it.